Christmas Tree Selection

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir trees contain soft needles, with a mild fragrance, excellent shape and strong limbs, perfect for holding a lot of Christmas ornaments. Fraser Fir trees are one of the most popular type of Christmas Tree!

Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir trees also known as the Silver Pine have evergreen colored shiny leaves with an underside that is a silver-blue color. The needles are an 1" in length.

White Pine

The White Pine is a soft-long needled tree with blueish-green to silver-green coloring. These trees offer very little scent and have flexible branches.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir trees have soft and shiny green needles, with a mild fragrance. 

Still Not Sure Which Tree is Right for You?

Come give us a visit and one of our helpful staff can help you decide which tree may be best for you this holiday season!